Organize your prayer requests.

Organize your prayer requests.

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Just a few of the great features...

Assign Contacts

When you assign a contact to a prayer, you have the ability to quickly let that person know you are praying for them.

Organize Your Way

Create custom categories to keep everything organized based on how you pray every day.


Set a specific time to pray each day, and the app will notify you and automatically open with today's prayer requests.

Stay in Sync

Quickly enter prayer requests from your iPhone, and they'll be waiting for you when you open up your iPad.

Share with Others

Let people know what you are praying for on Twitter and Facebook with just a few taps, directly from the app.

Passcode Protection

Some prayers are private, and we completely understand that. Optionally add a layer of security with a numeric passcode.

See a video of Prayer Notebook in action!

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