Keep Your Prayer Life Organized with Prayer Notebook

June 14, 2012

Atlanta, Georgia - ICN Ventures, Inc. is pleased to announce their new iPhone app, Prayer Notebook. Keeping up with prayer requests from friends and family can be tough, and that is what inspired the software developers at ICN to create Prayer Notebook. Prayer is a very powerful aspect of faith, and having all your prayers right in your pocket helps you stay connected to your prayer life.

The app boasts a slick interface, and simulates the act of physically writing prayers down in a notebook that many people have been doing for years. The user friendly features make it a breeze to pick up the app the first time and just start adding your prayers. You can add prayers to categories, and set a schedule of the days you want to pray for a specific category. Prayers that aren't assigned to a category will remain in the Today's Prayers list until it is either Answered, Archived, or Deleted.

After only a couple days of using the app, it becomes hard to imagine how you kept all of your prayers in order. ICN truly hopes the Prayer Notebook allows people to pray with a focus and intent like they never have before.

Prayer Notebook is available in the App Store today for $1.99 or you can try it for free using Prayer Notebook Lite.