How do I edit or delete a category?

You can delete a category by tapping the "Edit" button at the top of the menu and then tapping the red button that appears next to each category and tapping "Delete" to confirm.

To edit a category, tap the "Edit" button at the top of the menu, then tap on the name of the category you want to edit. When you are finished editing your category, tap "Save" to save your changes.

Is there an iPad version of Prayer Notebook?

Yes! Download it here

Can I sync my prayers between my devices?

Yes! As long as you have at least version 2.0 of Prayer Notebook and Prayer Notebook for iPad you can sync your prayers between your devices using iCloud.

Simply follow the steps in the welcome guide or tap "Sync" in the menu to setup iCloud syncing.

What if it says "iCloud Unavailable" when I try to setup sync?

iCloud must be enabled on your device for sync to work. Try the following steps to make sure iCloud is enabled.

  1. In the iOS settings, go to iCloud and make sure you are logged into the service (with the same iCloud account on both devices)
  2. In the iOS settings, go to iCloud and make sure “Documents & Data” are enabled. If “Use Cellular” is turned off, iCloud Sync may not work if you are not on a wifi network.
  3. In Prayer Notebook, go to the menu and make sure Sync is enabled
  4. If it’s still not working, try rebooting your device.

What if my prayers stop syncing?

First, Make sure iCloud is enabled. It usually takes less than a minute for prayers to sync across devices, but it can take up to an hour. If you still don't see your changes after an hour, reboot both of your devices.

How do I change the order of my categories?

You can reorder your categories by tapping the "Edit" button at the top left of the menu and then using the drag icons next to each category. When you are finished tap the "Done" button at the top of the menu.

Is there an Android version of Prayer Notebook?

No, we do not currently have any plans to release Prayer Notebook for Android.

How do I sort my prayer list?

To sort your prayer list simply tap the title (where it says "Today") at the top of the prayer list and select one of the following options:

  • Oldest - Prayers sorted oldest to newest
  • Newest - Most recently entered prayers first
  • Alphabetically - A, B, C... :)
  • Category - Shows your prayers grouped by category

Can I transfer my prayers from the lite to the paid version?

Yes, enable iCloud syncing (make sure you have at least version 2.0 of Prayer Notebook Lite) and when you setup the paid version of the app your prayers will be imported.

I can't get into or out of prayer mode

If you see a blue screen and can't get to your prayer list or rotate your device when looking at your prayer list and don't see the full screen prayer mode you may have auto-rotate lock enabled.

To disable your auto-rotate lock, double click your home button then swipe left. You'll see a box with a half circle and lock - click that to turn auto rotation off.